Every year we require 2 to 3 people each year to help us in our bee business.

What we offer is a very small, family orientated and friendly atmosphere. The chance to work with us to learn every hands on aspect of bees. The wage is a basic standard rate We cannot help with accommodation but you should be able to find that easily enough as we are in the burbs now and only 15mins to the city. We will help with visa and the extension of visas and we will pay for the air fare should the person prove themselves to be the person for the job after a few months.

You should be eligible for an Australian working holiday visa aged between 18 and 31. Australia has working Holiday programmes with the following countries:

Belgium Canada Cyprus Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Ireland Italy Japan Korea Malta The Netherlands Norway Sweden Taiwan United Kingdom. We are not able to help with 457 visa.

We also offer the chance of a life time to work closely in the Australian bush and camp under the stars whilst we are out working over distance. The nature of the season means the person can take off during late Autumn/winter for a long trip around Australia or wherever. We are close to beaches etc here.

The person should be fit, practical, adventurous, with good sense of humour, not afraid of hard heavy work and long hours ( In this game here the days work ends and starts when it does – standard hours do not exist and the heat and cold can make it uncomfortable). We work hard but relax like all good Aussies.

The person should not be allergic to bees, able to handle stings and at least have some basic knowledge of hives. We never ask you to do anything that we do not do ourselves. We work side by side. Ex farming, army and rugby types suit the job best we find. Driving license is a must Good English is a must also. We could also have shed work for a partner.


I am 34 and myself worked bee seasons in Canada, US and for the largest beekeeper in the UK. The lessons were invaluable and have helped me build my business. I also found a wife!

Start Aug/Sep. We may need you earlier.

If you have any questions about please give Murray a call on +61 0488 500 303 or send us a message